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Rape - still

Weir - extract


1990, 3 minutes


The bright yellow fields of oil-seed rape in the spring country side. The first images shot with a new video 8 camera and re-edited with a very primitive programmable editing system. A little homage to the mathematical editing of some Kurt Kren films.


1993, 1 minutes 15 seconds

An encounter with a small man-made waterfall – firstly seen as a sculptural form then in ultra close-up and slow motion of the movement of falling water. 

A new three screen version completed in 2007.


1993, 1 minute 30 seconds

Single notes recorded on a piano and cut to different melodic? Sequences – but also wine and oysters.

Prelude - still


1993, 2 minutes 20 seconds

A primitive driving simulation – racing at Monza – but breaking the rules after skidding of the track then driving in the opposite direction only to crash head-on. Led to the essay "Kismet Protagony and the Zap Splat Syndrome" first published in 1993
(see Writing).

Race - still

Warsaw Window

1994, 2 minutes

In a high window I watch the square below – I still wonder what became of the lovers who embraced there under the street lights over 20 years ago.

Warsaw Window - still

Cidre Bouche

191994, 1 minute 20 seconds

An annual cider festival in a Brittany village. The apples crushed in an old machine but in editing I became entranced by the background of live music preparing for the evening dancing. Colour pushed like an old colour post-card.

Cidre Bouche - still

Balcony Water Colour

1994, 3 minutes

Colour - Water –Rain – not a water colour – bougainvillea in extreme close-up – touching the lens – swimming pool below in the dark.

Balcony Water Colour - still

Seeing the Future

1994, 1 minute

China Town in Montreal – a bric-a-brac stall – a crystal ball – really just a piece of glass.

Seeing the Future - still

Out of the Crypt

1995, 12 minutes

Abstract colour from an early encrypted TV programme videoed directly from the screen – Niagara Falls is also there.

Out of the Crypt - still

For the Benefit of Mr K

1995, 1 minute

For the Beatles and Franz Kafka – what has K's small house to do with the Trial or theCastle?

For the Benefit of Mr K - still

Chronos Fragmented

1995, 55 minutes

Transmitted on Channel 4, 17 July 1997

A long work comparing widely separated fragments of experience over three continents – the human scale and awareness of a single planet – but with the stupidity of ever present killing and masacre – here it was Bosnia - but it could be anywhere somewhere in the last few decades

Chronos Fragmented - still

Joseph's New Coat - still

Joseph's Newer Coat

1998, 16 minutes

This work is the first video version based on the changing colour field film-loop work (Joseph’s Coat of 1973).  All the treatments were made by an analogue video mixer combined with re-videoing from the screen exploring different camera angles.



Joseph's Newer Coat (6)



Another version of the moving chevron partially repeating the horizontal series.


Joseph's Newer Coat (6)

1998, 16 minutes, three screen video

Even the Cyclops Pays the Ferryman - still

Even the Cyclops Pays the Ferryman

1998, 17 minutes, three screen video

Transmitted Channel Four 17 July 1997


Still Life and Lunch in Little Italy

1999, 7 minutes, three screen video

A letter home from a small restaurant in Little Italy, Toronto

Still Life and Lunch in Little Italy - still


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