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Even the Cyclops Pays the Ferryman


- an allegory for the passage from being alive to being dead - the continuing life of others beyond - the re-construction of physical energies from physical decay - the cyclops is the one-eyed father - the one eyed king in the land of the blind - the single lens of the camera - three screens beyond steroscopy.


This work is a form of requiem made on the death of my father. It is not religious, but it is mythological. It is materialist - about decay and the rebirth of new chemical combinations - the continuation of the life of others after the death of one - the decaying and transforming memories and images - floating by as the brain is no longer constrained by the urgency of presence. Whose memories - those of the artist? - those of the represented subject?  -metaphors for the viewer's memories? - and is the video image a memory?



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