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2010, 1 minute

Visiting a small back-street café in Prague for sausage and wine led to trying Absinthe for the first time – shades of Manet, Degas and Picasso

  Absinthe - still


2011, 40 minutes, colour, multiscreen

Six virtual screens matted into three Blu-ray projections. First exhibited at the Centre Multimedia Gantner in 2011, then on an immersive 18 metre curved screen at Tate Britain in 2012. It explores an interplay between abstracted colour, personal imagery and war related newsreel, seeking a coherent set of linking themes. Perhaps an homage to Dziga Vertov.

A single screen version was made in 2013 and shown in Millennium, New York and at Tate Britain.

FINITI - extracts


2013, 3 minutes

An impromptu portrait of Jonas Mekas shot at the Serpentine Gallery, London on the occasion of a celebration of his 90th birthday. All made in a single take whilst Mekas videos Mike Figgis playing Flugel horn and Rosey Chan plays piano.

Jonas - still


2014, 9 minutes

A short portrait of French Film artist Yann Beauvais shot in Recife, Brazil in 2013

Yann - still

Where When

2015, 27 minutes, 3D Video

Exploration of experience of images in multi-dimensional space.

A new visual model for memory and dream.

This extract can be viewed on a 3D monitor or television.

Where When - extract

Marking Time

2015, 6 minutes, 3D Video

Overlapping colour fields interacting through advancing and receding spaces.



Marking Time

The Probability of God is About Zero - still

The Probability of God is About Zero

2015, 13 minutes, single screen video

HD 1920 x 1080 Video

A play with images and short texts exploring the replacement of belief with doubt, morality with ethics, the pointlessness of prayer and attacking religious authority all in the context of war when ‘God’ appears conveniently on both sides.


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