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This is an incomplete listing of audio and video archive of interviews and is a work in progress.
For a listing of recent personal appearances please click here


N.B. The Coop  was set up by a group of enthusiasts in 1966, including Bob Cobbing of Better Books,  where the screenings took place. David Curtis and I, centred on the Arts Lab, cooked up a plan for a Film Makers Workshop. After fomally merging with the coop group, we actually established the Workshop as part of the coop between 1967 and 68


BRITISH LIBRARY Oral History Project

Le Grice has recently concluded a series of recorded interviews for the British Library Oral History Project. 

These are currently being edited and will soon be available at:


A vodcast in which Malcolm Le Grice talks about his influences and practice. 

Horror film (1971), Berlin Horse (1970), Neither Here Nor There (2001), Arbitrary Logic (1987-89)



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