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Finnegans Chin - temporal economy

1981, 80 minutes

Mainly shot in a studio, the action follows and creates an intricate fantasy based on the morning ritual of a man waking, shaving, eating breakfast  and leaving the house for work.   

Finnegans Chin - still

Digital Still Life

1984-6, 8 minutes, computer & video

A single performance made at the National Film Theatre against a blank screen – the performer twice leaves the stage on one side, exits the building and re-enters the stage on the other side – the duration was determined by the time it took to walk out of sight around the theatre.

Digital Still Life - still

Like a Fox, w. Gill Etherley

1988, 6 minutes, video

Edited in collaboration with Gill Eatherley who wrote the script and shot the film sequences, this work poetically treats the subject of Chernobyl as a piece within the overarching title of ‘Sketches for a Sensual Philosophy’

Like a Fox - still

Rock Wave - still

Rock Wave

1988, 8 minutes, vidoo

Music composed by Stewart Louis de Canonville

I film as de Canonville improvises on a music mixing desk in a small apartment in West London. The sounds make a link with waves on a distant shore.


Arbitrary Logic

1984 - 86, 9 minutes, computer and video

My first interactive programme experiment on an Atari computer where the mathematical system produces both image colour changes and the sound pitches, harmonies and rhythms. Originally performed live, a version was included in the Channel Four video ‘Sketches for a Sensual Philosophy’.

Arbitrary Logic - still

Juniper and the myths of origin


Music composed by AMM

Near the Gorge du Tarn is a prehistoric cave settlement and Judith and Claude picked Juniper berries.

Juniper and the myths of origin - still


1988, 6 minutes, video

Growing vines, vine flowers to grapes – picked fermented, drunk and drunken.

Veritas - still

Heads I Win - Tails You Lose

1886, 7 minutes, computer and video

A set of small drawings inspired by punks where cubist distortions had become real on the street. Scanned to a computer and re arranged with a programme shifting the screen positions and producing a music like a punk, jazz night club.

Heads I Win - Tails You Lose - still


1988,  5 minutes, video

Driving in heavy rain – text messages appear about media fascism and fishes.

Beware- still

Et in Arcadia Ego

1988, 8 minutes

Music composed by AMM

Musical video based on superimposition of  water lilies in a pond. Some of the video sequences and sound are re-worked in a multi-screen work ‘Water Lilies After Monet’ 2008

Et in Arcadia Ego - still


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