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China Tea - still

China Tea

1965, (8mm), 10 minutes, colour, silent

Shot with two 8mm cameras then projected side by side accompanied by an audio tape of ‘prepared piano’.

It is now available in a digital video version with the original music track.

Castle 1

1966, 22 minutes, B & W

A film made with found newsreel footage combined with sequences of a flashing light bulb. It is projected with a real flashing bulb hanging in front of the screen.

It is available as a 16mm film with the flasher unit or as a digital video version for repeating installation.

Castle 1 -  short extract

Little Dog for Roger

1967, 12 minutes, B & W

 – I thought it was about film as a medium and material – scratches, sprocket holes, dirt, slippage in the projector, blank screen, gaps in the sound-track – I forgot that one of the boys was me, the other was my brother, the young woman was my mother – now dead – and behind the camera in 1952 was my father - the dog was mine – nothing to do with Roger – that’s another story.

Little Dog for Roger - Short extract

Yes No Maybe Maybenot - still

Yes No Maybe Maybenot

1967, 7 minutes, B & W

A double projection of images of lapping water and the Battersea Power Station all transformed by negative positive superimposition creating a moving Bas-Relief  effect.


1967, 20 minutes, B & W, silent

Shot on a misty Dartmoor with images of the rocky, granite outcrops, a derelict quarry-working and the ancient prison.

Talla - still

Blind White Duration

1967, 10 minutes, B & W, silent

A snowy day in Harrow - walking to the Met Line station – an interaction between the snow and a blank white screen.

Blind White Duration - still

Castle Two

1968, 32 minutes, B & W, two screen

Found film sequences brought together in the paranoia of the cold war and Vietnam.

Castle Two - still


1968,  tape-slide, 10 minutes (approx.)

Originally presented as a tape slide work with an extremely slow fade
between 35mm slides of an empty area of grass and the same area including a photographed child.

Using the original slides and sound tape the work has been re-constructed as a digital video.

Grass- still

Wharf - still


1968, film-tape-slide, 30 minutes (approx.)

Originally the work was presented as a pre-ordered sequence of 35mm slides showing two unknown people walking around the wall of a sea-side swimming pool. Switching between positive and negative focus on the mystery of the hidden and unresolved narrative between the ‘lovers?’. On occasions, this work was shown in superimposition with sections of the film Talla. Two sound tapes were mixed in improvisation.

A digital video version has been made using the original slide sequence and audio tapes.

Spot the Microdot

1969,  10 minutes

A hand made film rhythmically punching circular holes into fully opaque 16mm magnetic film.

It can’t be printed and is only projected on rare special occasions.


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