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Matrix was first shown in 1973 as a six projector 16mm film installation and moving projector performance. The image is a series of short loops with each screen split vertically into two equal halves of rapidly changing primary colours. The loops were produced by printing directly through filters using the London Filmmakers Cooperative's Debrie printer. The sound was produced on a Zinovief 'Putney' analogue synthesizer and accompanies the film performance on tape.


The performance installation has always been improvised but within a consistently similar pattern depending on the projection space. The six projectors are moved firstly with the screens overlapped and superimposed then moving outwards to form six complete screens - three up and three down. Thereafter various patterns are improvised and the image progressively de-focused with the screens eventually returning to the centre. 


The Video Installation 'Matrix 73- 06' is based very closely on the original concept and has broadly followed a performance documented from a screening in Dortmund in 2004. The Video version simulates the appearance of film projection with softened screen edges including four full screen images within the single Video frame, On three screens this doubles the to total number of apparent 'screens' but helps to maintain the symmetry in the new format. The colour screens have been re-generated digitally as a tele-cine of the original film loops does not retain the initial colour intensity.


The digital version is ‘sharper’ and without the same material traces of film - and the movements are constructed rather than spontaneous. It is thus a new work, but as with Jazz musicians playing or recording an earlier composition, it is a ‘new’ performance but closely retains the ‘original’ composition.



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