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Berlin Horse


Berlin Horse is based on two sequences – one shot originally in 8mm and re-filmed in 16mm - the other a piece of found early newsreel. The common subject is horses - a horse being exercised and horses being led from a burning stable. Both sequences were visually treated and transformed at the London Film Makers Cooperative.


The 8mm sequence was shot in the village of Berlin near Hamburg northern Germany. It was refilmed from the screen running the film at different speeds and directions and with the camera at different angles. Later it was re-coloured using theatrical lighting gelatins in the film-printer and subject to multiple superimposition. It was finally combined with early newsreel of horses being led from a burning barn. It is a poetic drama where the

sequence of image transformations and the 'narrative' are integrated as the content. Where possible it is shown as a two screen projection and has been recently been developed as a looped gallery installation.


The sound is an original track by Brian Eno.



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